About the Exhibit

This exhibition illustrates Holocaust survivors living in Minnesota, in their homes, in full color. Each is a story of survival during exceedingly difficult circumstances. As a collection, these images focus on life and hope. From Europe to Minnesota, it was here they fashioned their dreams, their futures, and their families. Their lives are constant reminders about the value of freedom and the enduring human spirit.

We are honored to share this exhibit with you.

About the Photographer

David Sherman

David Sherman was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa. His ability to capture life, coupled with his mastery of evoking emotion and energy from his subjects has landed him assignments with prestigious clients including Fairview Hospitals and Clinics, Unity and Mercy Hospitals Foundation, Dorsey and Whitney Law Firm, The Maslon Firm, Sholom, Winmark Corporation and the University of Minnesota.

David’s objective for initiating the Survivor Portrait Project is to create formal portraits of Holocaust Survivors to insure that Survivors are remembered in a respectful and beautiful way – by face and by name, with an additional objective of documenting the stories of each of these survivors.

About the Writer

Lili Chester

Lili was born in Austria, the first child of two Holocaust survivors. Growing up in Minneapolis, she was immersed in the culture and stories of her parents and their friends. Children of Holocaust survivors carry a profound legacy. They become the witnesses for the next generation.

Lili is honored to have participated in this project, as an opportunity to carry on the legacy of remembrance. Each person interviewed could be the subject of a whole book and thus, it was very difficult to summarize their experiences in just a few short paragraphs. Lili hopes that the words that she has matched to the photographs will not only make people aware of the personal tragedies of the Holocaust, but also carry on the memory of a special group of people.

About the Curators

Laura Zelle & Susie Greenberg

Laura Zelle, Director of Tolerance Minnesota, works to create and plan community programs honoring the Minnesota survivor community for the past eight years. As part of her work, Laura has produced five short documentaries about survivors stories that are delivered as part of Holocaust education in schools. Laura continues to work collaboratively with multiple partners around Minnesota to effectively deliver programming about remembrance and education.

Susie Greenberg, Associate Director of Tolerance Minnesota, produces, facilitates, and implements programming relating to the Holocaust. Focusing on our local community, Susie works with Holocaust survivors and their legacies in an active speakers' bureau, community trainings, trips to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and other Twin City wide programming such as the annual Yom HaShoah Commemoration (Holocaust Remembrance Day).

About the JCRC

Jewish Community Relations Council of
Minnesota and the Dakotas

Since 1939, the JCRC has served as the designated public affairs voice of the Jewish community to elected officials, the media, and other religious, racial and ethnic groups. The JCRC is a unique, local agency committed to advocating for Israel, fighting anti-Semitism, community service, social action advocacy, Holocaust education, and safeguarding religious freedom.

Tolerance Minnesota, a program of the JCRC, was established in 2001 to create a more tolerant and just society by promoting cultural, racial and lifestyle understanding through innovative diversity education and professional development training.

Supported By

Generously Supported by:
Sheldon and Lili Chester Philanthropic Fund

Additional Support by:
Oren z"l and Sharron Steinfeldt Family Fund
Beverly Foundation of Minnesota
Otto Bremer Foundation of Minnesota
Allianz of America
Tankenoff Families Foundation